World Health Day 2017 at CMR IMS


7 April, 2017: World Health Day takes place each year to mark the anniversary of the founding of the WHO, which is an entity that provides us with a unique opportunity to act around a specific health topic of concern.

This year’s World Health Day theme was depression. It is an ailment which affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. A better understanding of what depression is, and how it can be prevented and treated, will help reduce the stigma associated with the condition, and lead to more people seeking help. In the college campus several posters were put up to convey the messages of good health.

The Centre for Human Value (CHV) Wing of the 2nd Year BBA conducted various activities to commemorate this day, including a presentation on World Health Day. The activities also took place in Government Schools in CV Raman Nagar and Indiranagar, as well as the Browing Hospital in Shivaji Nagar. The aim of this visit was to educate people about the importance of health and hygiene. The students and faculty distributed eatables to 150 people at the hospital.