Each year, the CMR Jnanadhara Trust awards a number of scholarships to exceptional and highly deserving students from across the CMR Group of Institutions. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit/means/demonstrated leadership or sports abilities.

CMR Memorial Scholarships

The CMR Memorial Scholarships are awarded to students with financial needs, as determined by the CMR Scholarship Committee. It is a merit cum means scholarship. This financial aid comes from a dedicated scholarship fund of the CMR Jnanadhara Trust. Any student who is economically weak, and/or from a rural area is eligible to apply. The applicant must furnish the relevant details as proof of his/her eligibility. A good academic record is a must.

The following document(s) are required.

  • A community / income certificate from an official, not below the rank of a revenue inspector.
  • Statement of Marks Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

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CMR Merit Scholarship

Any undergraduate or postgraduate student with an outstanding academic track record will be considered.


CMR Leadership Awards

CMR Leadership Awards will be awarded to exceptional students who demonstrate the following behaviours and leadership qualities.

  • An all-rounder with consistent contribution towards academics, sports, co-curricular and other institute related activities.
  • Good communication skills and the mark of a leader.
  • A sense of maturity, social responsibility and ethical fibre in all his/her actions.
  • The student must have followed all policies of the institute, and shown respect towards teaching and non-teaching faculty and staff.
  • The student should have set himself as an example to others through his positive attitude, outstanding behaviour and conduct.
  • The student must be admired and respected by both his peers and colleagues.

CMR Sports Scholarship

The CMR Sports Scholarship aims to promote and encourage sports activities within the CMR Group of Institutions and throughout and in the country. Types of Sports Scholarships

  • State Level Scholarship
  • National Level Scholarship
  • International Level Scholarship

Students who have participated in sports competitions including track and field events, athletics, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and fencing etc at the state, national and international levels are eligible to apply. Students who have participated in yoga or chess in national and international competitions are also invited to apply.


Outside Scholarships

Students may also apply for scholarships from other sources outside the CMR Group of Institutions to receive financial aid to assist with the academic tuition. The following are other organizations and sources that grant scholarships to students who meet their eligibility criteria.

  • ICCR Scholarships
  • SC/ ST and Backward Class Merit
  • Scholarship from the Government of Karnataka
  • Scholarships from various State Governments
  • Scholarships from Governments of other countries