Vaudeville 2017

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”
Vaudeville is an intercollegiate fest organized by the CMR Institute of Management Studies and which takes place every alternate year. It is a platform offered by CMR IMS to encourage talent in various areas and to promote healthy and friendly competition. This year’s fest hinged on the theme “Fantasy”. The theme was chosen to allow creativity and ingenuity to unfold and bloom unhindered.

The events of Vaudeville 2017 were divided in various categories – Indian, western, virtual, creative and communication; these were to ensure maximum participation. Talents were showcased through events such as theme dances, solo singing, mime, beat boxing, standup comedy and treasure hunt gaming. It was a day filled with fun and challenges for the participants.

Over 40 colleges participated in Vaudeville 2017, with over 300 students engaging in the various events. The judges of Vaudeville 2017 ensured that the events were assessed impartially. Events ran very smoothly, without any trials or tribulations.
The sponsors of Vaudeville 2017, without whom the fest would have been spiritless, included:
• Fashion partner- Ethics dress circle
• Digital life partner- Jio digital
• Co-sponsor- attitude
• International radio partner- Namm radio
• Artist sponsored by Deepsound
• Media partner- YTV
• Royal Enfield
• Game Gadgets
The stalls on campus added colour and aroma to the college premises. It delighted the olfactory senses and tickled every taste bud into action. Our senses were catered to and satisfied by

• Lickity
• Celebrate (gift vouchers)
• Sherlock’s cafe
• Savera
• Agarwal
• Pizzeria
• Adithya Multi-cuisine Restaurant
• Fitness time
• You plus
• Quicklo

The guests who graced the Valedictory Programme were occasion were Ms. Neha Sarwar, Actress, Ms. Disha Madan, Actress & Model, Mr. Kirik Keerthi, Social Media Activist & Runner up of Big Boss Season 4 and Mr. Anil Kumar, Actor & Producer. The Guest of Honour was Shri. K.C. Jagannath Reddy, Secretary, CMR Jnanadhara Trust.
The valedictory function was followed by the much awaited fashion show which tested the creative edge of the contestants. CMR University won the overall trophy.
The day ended with one of the highlights and pride of Vaudeville, the DJ night.
Vaudeville 2017 was a memorable chapter in the annals of CMR Institute of Management Studies. The fondest memories of it will embellish the dreams of young budding talents and invigorate their minds to soar to greater heights.