Spring Guest Lectures at CMRIMS

A guest Lecture on the theme ‘Why The Economist Got It Wrong – We Need An Interdisciplinary Approach’ took place for students of the B.Com & M.Com fields in February, 2017.

Professor Simon Sweeney, Director for Post Graduate Programmes, University of York – United Kingdom, was the speaker for the occasion. Professor Sweeney lectures in International Political Economy and Business at the York Management School. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, with specialist expertise in the internationalisation of higher education and internationalisation strategy.

His lecture offered new avenues on which the Government of India could use more focus:

1) The protection of public utilities, such as appropriate water and health services.
2) The preservation of natural resources.
3) Raising awareness on human rights and security.
4) The protection of the natural environment.
5) Sustainable labour.

Professor Sweeney also suggested that an interdisciplinary approach would help form a better response to various issues. These include:

1) Psychology – Study of Human Behaviour.
2) Sociology – Study of Society.
3) Politics – Study of power used.
4) History- understand the past

Another guest lecture on the theme of ‘Thoughts, Ideas and Perspective’ was organised for M.Com. students in March, 2017, by speaker Sherry Vakil, Former Managing Director at General Electrics.

He endeavoured to describe success in the following terms: The Four E’s of Success, which include –

  • Energy
  • Energise
  • Edge
  • Execute

He also shared his ‘7 Recipes for Success’ which are:
1) Reset The World
2) Passion, Hard work, Collaboration & Hunger
3) Ownership
4) Believe In Yourself
5) Be Curious – Read, Listen, Travel, Observe, Write, Talk & Learn & Think.
6) Reinforcing foundations
7) Set a Goal