Kannada Day

Kannada Suggi was held at the CMR Institute of Management Studies on Thursday,                   15th December, 2016. The event was led by Dr. Hanumantharayappa and Dr. R. Jyothilingaiah. The Guests of Honour were Mr. Ugram Ravikumar, and Shri. K.C. Jagannath Reddy, Secretary, CMR Jnanadhara Trust.

The Chief Guest for the program Dr. Nagendra Prasad. A popular lyricist in Kannada cinema, he has composed music, directed movies, and written dialogues for movies and TV serials. Dr. Nagendra is also a dramatist, having acted, directed and written dialogues for stage and street dramas. Dr. Nagendra played supporting roles in Kannada movies.

The theme of the event revolved around the life of farmers. Their joy, happiness and pain reflected in the various performances. This involved a drama performance, followed by a dance sequence and a fashion walk. The plight of farmers in the current scenario and the role of farmers in the overall development of the country was the highlight of the day. As one of the most happening events in college, Kannada Day extracted the hidden cultural talents of students in the field of art, music and dance, adding colour to student life at CMR IMS.