Guest Lecture: Stress Management & Pain Relief

A guest lecture on Stress Management and Pain Relief was organised by the CMRIMS Department of Management and Commerce on 20th January, 2017 for all the faculty and non-teaching staff.  The lecture was delivered was Dr. Michael Welsh, Professor, Sahmyook University and Director, Korean Institute of Alcohol Problems, South Korea.

The session threw light on various aspects of stress and pain relief, explaining how the following initiatives could help in dealing with this issues on a day-to-day basis:

  • Eating nutritious food to stay healthy.
  • Excising morning daily, to ease breathing and keep the body fit and fine.
  • Placing legs in hot water to relieve pain and stress, it also increases blood circulation.
  • Intake of sunshine is another added advantage.
  • Enough amount of sleep during night (7hrs – 8hrs) is a must for good health.
  • Electric shock for snake bites.
  • Usage of ice-pack on painful areas to give relief.

The session was concluded with a spiritual note – which was to always trust in God.