CMR Institute of Management Studies celebrated its Graduation Day with honour and pride on 26th March, 2018 in the college campus. It was that time of the academic year where the vision of the Institution was realized in the students who were ready to initiate their lives in the real world.  The campus brimmed with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the graduating students. Over six hundred students from various Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes were graduating.

The ecstatic parents along with the students were excited to be at the threshold of a new chapter in their lives. Prof. Suja Bennet, Principal, CMR IMS welcomed the gathering with pride. Prof. SujaBennet stated the importance of the graduation ceremony in the lives of the young achievers and appreciated their parent’s efforts and contributions to their success.

Mr. Parthasarthy, C.A final year student from the Bachelor of Computer Application department, and Mr. Kalala Etienne M, an International student, both recapped on their adventurous journey through the three years of their college life. They also asked their fellow graduates to be bold in the face of adversity and take part in as many activities as one can, to progress and enjoy the one way rollercoaster ride that just keeps moving forward.

Mr. Ajit Menon, a BBM, 2001 Batchalumnus, addressed the gathering and shared with them the advantages of a privileged education and prompted them to utilize their knowledge for the betterment of our society. He recounted how CMR has always had an ecosystem that helps one develop and get ready to take on the reigns. He also spoke about how work is a subset of life and one needs to take a leap of faith and hope that all the dots will connect somewhere down the line.

Academic toppers were felicitated for their diligent effort and achievements by the dignitaries.

The Chief Guest Shri. Kamal Bali, President and Managing Director,VOLVO India Pvt. Ltd. addressed the gathering. He motivated the students saying, change is only constant in life and we have to keep ahead of the change in order be ahead of the world, in order to be successful. He insisted on how one must have a pragmatic and determined goal in life, and plan to achieve our dreams and how we must shun pessimism from our lives and cut down threads that hold us down.

Dr. Bhaskar Reddy, Director CMR Group of Institutions administered the Graduation Day Oath to the students.

M.S. Shivakumar, Vice Chancellor CMR University, in his motivational address, spoke on how students need to step up and become the creators and innovators of the future, inspirations for the future generations to look up to.

Shri. Jagannath Reddy, Secretary, Secretary CMR Jnanadhara Trust gave the presidential address. He shared some important insights on change management and the importance of sustainable development in our lives.

The day was concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Prof. S.G. Mukherjee, Dean, Management and Commerce department, on a high note congratulating the students for their commendable achievements.

The college choir ‘Resonance’ added a touch of musical delight and the song “Raise me up” lifted the spirits of every student to aim for the stars.

The exuberating moment bore testimony to the fruitful culmination of the industrious educational journey the student’s whole heartedly embarked upon. The distinguished guests who were part of the programme were Cyrus Dhabhar, Director International Business, VOLVO India Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Raju Reddy, Trustee, CMR Jnanadhara Trust, Shri K. C. Jagannath Reddy, Secretary CMR Jnanadhara Trust, Dr. Bhaskar Reddy, Director CMR Group of Institutions, Prof. S.K.Balaraman, IGP(Retd.), Director, Examinations, System & Security, CMR Group of Institutions & Registrar(Evaluation), CMR University, Dr. Praveen R., Registrar, CMR University, Dr. Hrishikesh, Director CMR CBS,  Prof. Ravichandar, Director CMR LSI and Captain Dr. Anandappa, Vice Principal, CMR IMS.