CMR Annual Alumni Association Meet

6 August 2017: The CMR Institute of Management Studies organised its Annual Alumni Association Meet which was a cheerful occasion of meeting, greeting, reminiscing and sharing new experiences.

The day was marked by both informal and formal components to the event. While the college choir ‘Resonance’ mesmerised the audience with a welcome song, the informal games session took the alumni to their old classroom days and the fun thus echoed through the auditorium echoed. Current CMR IMS students performed in fashion and dance shows for their super seniors with plenty of gusto. This was matched by the alumni  Vinod, Naveen, Praveen and Jeswin who performed on stage with zest and passion.

The formal session started with the welcome address by the alumnus Ms. Soumya Narayan, a faculty member of CMR IMS. This was followed by the presentation of the report by the Alumni Association office bearers. Alumnus Souresh and Nithyanand addressed the gathering and recalled their good old days in the campus. Felicitations were next on the agenda.  Alumnus Deepak V. A bagged the early bird prize. The newly married couple Alumnus Rahul Sharma and his wife were also congratulated. CMR IMS first batch students Sreejish and Souresh were congratulated. A few of the alumni Nithyanand, Jayashree Jayachandren, Mohammed Gayab Owaiz and Lim Lim Kim were commended by Principal Professor Suja Bennet.

There was a vote of thanks to mark the end of the day delivered by Ms. Nagarathna and the choir’s rendition of the college anthem. .