Kannada Suggi was conducted by the Department of Kannada ‘Samruthi’ of CMR Institute of Management Studies on 5th January, 2018.

Kannada Suggi is celebrated every year with great joy and vigour to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka and the Kannada language. The entire college wore a festive look decked up in yellow and red. The banners fluttered in the wind and the decorations gleamed. The sound and rhythm of the Dollu Kunitha team from Melkote reverberated in the air. The students especially the International students got a taste of the Kannada flavor.

This year the Kannada Suggi took up the theme “Hennu Jagathina Kannu”. The cultural part – songs, dance, skit etc. reflected to issues related to  female infanticide, dowry harassment, equity in all spheres, education etc.

It also saw the felicitation of 5 eminent women (as it is the 5th year of Kannada Suggi) from various fields such as administration, theatre, literature, sports and social work.

  • Smt. Vidyakumari, Special District Commissioner, Kolar
  • Smt. K. Sharifa, Feminist Writer in Kannada Literature
  • Smt. Bharathi Reddy, Social Worker, Bangalore
  • Dr. Pavitra, Lecturer in Performing Arts, Bangalore University
  • Ms. Shilpa Krishnappa, National Level Badminton Player

Smt. Vidyakumari, Special District Commissioner, Kolar in her address opined that the society in reality is still largely male dominated. Only a minuscule percentage of women pursue higher education. One of the key factor in Empowering Women is still education. And it is our collective responsibility to ensure, women are empowered for the betterment of the society.

The Chief Guests for the program were Shri. Niranjan Deshpande, Actor & Anchor and Shri. K.C. Jagannath Reddy, Secretary, CMR Jnanadhara Trust.