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To strengthen the existing strong tie between the alumni and the college and to continuously keep them updated about the college’s progress and plans


The Alumni Association of CMRIMS was formed in 2002 and christened as CAA (CMRIMS Alumni Association). CAA conducts its annual meet on the first Sunday of August which incidentally happens to be the Friendship Day. The college Website provides scope for a constant interaction among the alumni, the staff and the current students.

CAA is most becomingly an estimable part of the history of the institution since the persistent efforts of CMRIMS to become a potentate in the academic quarters are best expressed in the acknowledgement received by students from prospective employers across the world. It has been possible as the standard of education is commensurate with the current job market.

The Alumni of CMRIMS are inextricably intertwined with the institution to achieve harmony with the current trends in the industry by streamlining the standards of teaching. The supply of data from the old students proves to be indispensable to strengthen the skill-sets of the current students.

The Institution maintains a constant touch with its alumni and has been in receipt of updates as to the present scenario in the industry.

The Placement Cell of the Institution takes suggestions and assistance from the Alumni to help the current students find jobs and careers in the industry.

CAA provides opportunities to the Alumni through various activities to have an interaction with the current students and staff and carries about itself an ambience suited to achieve the most needed skill-sets.
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